• Portrait and Jewelry Photography for Look Book

    2014 Look Book Cover Photography - Terry Snider Jewelry 

    Terry Snider Jewelry originally contacted me to shoot product shots of her jewelry designs for her online store and wholesale marketing efforts. After a year of working with Terry and her team, she contacted me to see if I was interested in helping her with her new website and upcoming plans for a look book of her designs. She had worked with small web and print agencies over the previous year and was not having much succes with their understanding the visual identity and branding direction for her jewelry company. I really felt I knew what they were after and jumped at the opportunity to have such creative input. After many discussions, research, and test visuals proposed, an overall brand identy and visual style was agreed upon. In the end, a very clean product focus was chosen for the website, and a very image concious approach was chosen with big dramatic portrait images of the jewelry being worn, paired with close up images of the designs in elegant flowing layout for the Look Book. Producing the Look Book all the way from, design, and layout to photography, and printing was a rewarding experience. Terry and her team were thrilled with the results. Below are some pages from the Look Book. You can view the complete Look Book project on my website,

    Portrait and Product Photograpy

  • Editorial Portrait Photoshoot

    First shoot for Arroyo Monthly. Master Chef Leslie Bilderback writes a monthly column, Kitchen Confessions, on all topics related to food.

    In the upcoming March issue Leslie's column Big Glove, takes on, and dispels commonly held beliefs regarding the new food safety law requiring all people who handle food to wear gloves, including bar keeps and sushi chefs. A great read, not to be missed.

    One of the great benefits of working for editorial clients is the ability to pitch your creativity, and make the kind of images you want. As long as they work to compliment the story everything is fair game. To illustrate the main point of this article, and the irony of the situation, I decided it would be fun to wrap Leslie in plastic wrap for a tongue in cheek portrait. Good fun and to the point! 

  • Location Photography of Lemon Orchard at Sunset

    Location Photography of Lemon Orchard at Sunset

    Todays assignment, creating a few new images for the Fresh Link Group's new website. A longtime client, Fresh Link Group, is an agriculture centered ad agency providing a range of services to some of the biggest names in agriculture. Most of the time I'm working on progects for their clients needs, but this time it was great to beable to create some images just for thier brand. One of the key factors that came out during pre shoot discussions, and in their creative brief was not to make cute, home like images of farm culture. They were interested in having images that convey scale. The ag buisness is big and showing images that big agriculture business could relate to was the key.

    With only a half day in the photo budget and 2 images needed, Minos Athanassiades, Managing Partner for Fresh Link Group and Kerrie Peterson , Creative Director with Wildroot Design, and I met in Woodland Hills, hopped in one car and drove to the Somis, Ca area in Vetura County. Our first order of business was to scout a variety of locations for possible shots. We were looking for good view with the right mix of scale and a location that that would have the sun setting in the perfect location. After looking at a few farms in the area we ended up picking one of Underwood Ranches properties as our favorite. The rolling hills and mix of Lemons and avocados gave us the look and variety we were looking for. After looking at all the possibilities we settled on one hilltop for our main sunset shot. The rest was up to mother nature and the magic of sunset. there really isn't anything quite like the magic hour just before and after the sunrises or sets. In the meentime we shot some b roll images and some avocado fruit hanging from the trees for possible use on the site. We also took some pictures of Minos for some portrait in the field shots as another potential option. Whenever I go on location the idea is to cover all the possibilities and come away with more thsan the client asked for. Giving them options for potential alternate uses and creating value for the client is what it's all about.


    Above is the second version created by compositing the portrait taken earlier in the field with the final sunset image of the lemon orchard. the key to this kind of composite is to make sure the lighting on the subject is consistent with the background. The other technical detail I like to incorporate in all my composite images is to include a new piece of foreground in front of the new main subject. In this case I added some lemon branches in the lower left in front of Minos to incorporate him more into the scene and make it more believable that I took the picture with him standing there.

  • Cosmetics Still Life Photography

    Enspri Skin Care, a regular cosmetics client has been coming to me for several years now with challenging photography assignments. Cosmetics with their reflective materials, crystal like containers and jewel like tones always test your skills as a photographer. This project was particularily interesting because we needed to have a drop of cream coming out of the container in this elongated very stylish fashion, that just doesn't happen in real life.

    The solution, make two images, one of the perfect container by itself, the other of the hero drip of cream, and composite them together into one final perfect image. You can see the final composite image above, and the 2 individual images used to make it below.