• Portrait and Jewelry Photography for Look Book

    2014 Look Book Cover Photography - Terry Snider Jewelry 

    Terry Snider Jewelry originally contacted me to shoot product shots of her jewelry designs for her online store and wholesale marketing efforts. After a year of working with Terry and her team, she contacted me to see if I was interested in helping her with her new website and upcoming plans for a look book of her designs. She had worked with small web and print agencies over the previous year and was not having much succes with their understanding the visual identity and branding direction for her jewelry company. I really felt I knew what they were after and jumped at the opportunity to have such creative input. After many discussions, research, and test visuals proposed, an overall brand identy and visual style was agreed upon. In the end, a very clean product focus was chosen for the website, and a very image concious approach was chosen with big dramatic portrait images of the jewelry being worn, paired with close up images of the designs in elegant flowing layout for the Look Book. Producing the Look Book all the way from, design, and layout to photography, and printing was a rewarding experience. Terry and her team were thrilled with the results. Below are some pages from the Look Book. You can view the complete Look Book project on my website,

    Portrait and Product Photograpy